Rideshare Select

So welcome to the website uberbestselect.info. I created that to give you info, specifically on the Uber select category and those people that may be sick and tired of driving in the Uber XL category and want to step it up a little bit, want to get a fancier car or a sedan, the select is a great, great platform. It allows, you know, whether you drive a 3-series or an Audi A4 or a small C 300 Mercedes, you know, these are the ideal cars for that category. It’s a couple of notches higher. It’s for those people that sort of don’t want to drive with Uber XL , want to be a little bit fancier, go to events you know, go to red carpets etc. So, it’s a cool, cool category and you can drive in more than one category. You could drive in X and select or just one or the other, okay. So, go to that website. If you’re thinking of registering, if you have questions on select you can reach out to me 365. My email, my text are underneath this video. There’s no question that I haven’t heard in that category so by all means feel free to shoot me a question and you’ll get an answer in return. Have a great day.

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